The mission of the Elko Downtown Business Association is to promote, preserve and enhance the prosperity of the downtown area and support the overall betterment of the Elko Community.
Elko Downtown Business Association (DBA) and You
The downtown of each city is truly the heart of that city and Elko is no different. The Elko Downtown Business Association (DBA), originally created in 1984 as a non-profit organization, provides one voice for many downtown interests. In addition to collaborating and communicating with the many agencies that service downtown, we serve on a multitude of taskforces and committees making sure that downtown interests are heard. Serving as an advocate for Downtown Elko, the DBA represents over 70 active business members: arts organizations, restaurants, retail stores, entertainment, professional services and non-profit organizations.

The DBA is supported by a volunteer board of directors and a group of business owners and employees, who work diligently to grow the success of Downtown Elko as a shopping, dining, and event destination. Supported by member’s fees and event proceeds, the DBA has helped place garbage cans, benches, decorative banners and holiday lighting, trees and flower barrels to name a few tangible services. 

Summer Wine Walks and the Snowflake Festival are the highlights of DBA sponsored events. These events are typically held on the second Saturday of the Month, with the first main event of the year, the Art Walk, starting in May. Other events include the Margarita Walk, Pumpkin Walk and the Farmer’s Market. These events help reinforce a sense of community, bring in much needed revenue to businesses and bring people together to enjoy what Downtown Elko has to offer.

Many people don't realize how important supporting local businesses is to our overall economy. When you support local, the money stays in the community. That money gets circulated, supporting neighboring businesses and local non-profits, and acts as a clear economic benefit to the area. This is one of the easiest ways to energize the local economy.

The Elko DBA will continue to support Downtown Elko through Shop Local campaigns, hosting a variety of events, encouraging new business development, raising consumer awareness and encouraging people to support the heart of Elko. By supporting the downtown business community, we ensure that Downtown Elko continues to grow, thrive and be our heart of Elko.

The downtown area is defined at being bounded on the south by River Street, on the east by 12th Street, on the west by 1st Street, and on the north by Court Street. Membership to the DBA is open to any business, firm, organization, or civic group.

2016 Board of Directors

Jon Karr
Telescope Lanes/Blind Onion
Vice President
Rachel McAdoo
Past President
Duane Jones
Cedar Creek Clothing
Brianne Clark
Cedar & Sage/Evergreen Flower Shop
Marin Wendell
Everything Elko
Member At Large         
Tera Hooiman 
Event Source
Member At Large
Haley Bammesberger             
Member At Large
Andrea Simpkins
Member At Large- Associate
Michelle Smith
Elko Broadcasting
Bailey Billington