ADA and Safety Compliance Grant Program

The Elko DBA remains committed to our local businesses, especially as they invest in their buildings and locations. This is why our ADA and Safety Compliance grant program exists! When renovating, expanding, or updating a downtown building, many costs must be considered. Some of the more difficult to costs incurred can be state and locally required upgrades such as ADA compliant bathrooms, fire suppression systems, and other safety related upgrades. We have seen businesses choose not to renovate, and outside businesses choose to locate themselves outside the downtown as a result of these costs. Our hope is that by partnering with local businesses, we can continue to improve the downtown experience for all who visit, and create a more beautiful and inviting atmosphere in ALL of our shops, stores, and businesses! We will be providing opportunities for assistance in amounts from $500 with an individual business maximum of $5000. Applicants must be Members in good standing with the Elko DBA, and have permission from their building owners to apply. 

How can we help?

- What does the grant cover? -

ADA Compliance

In many cases, current ADA laws increase the overall cost of building renovations and even smaller signage changes. This program can help to alleviate the burden of bringing an older/out of compliance building up to code. 

Fire Code

Our current fire code makes renovating our buildings or choosing to place a new business in the downtown difficult. These regulations DO keep us safe, thus we intend to help with the cost of fire suppression or fire alarm systems. 

Incidental Costs

Often, when renovating a space, unforeseen issues arise. Many of these have to do with building and safety code. These issues can be taken into consideration under the DBA Grant program.


- What we hope to achieve through this program -

To Partner with Downtown Businesses

The Elko DBA is WITH you. We know how hard it is to pull the trigger on expensive projects, and our desire is to make sure that compliance issues don't stop YOU from improving your property. 

To Beautify the Downtown

The most effective way to improve the experience downtown is for local businesses to improve their locations. Partnering with local businesses is just the right thing to do so we can ALL participate in elevating Elko Downtown!

To Encourage Growth

We have many empty buildings in the downtown. One factor that leads to this is the cost of bringing these buildings up to code. The DBA hopes that this grant program will encourage NEW growth in the downtown, bringing new businesses and owners into 

How to apply

Each grant is unique, and requires review by the DBA Board of Directors. Use the form below to tell us a little about your project, and we will request any further information to help us understand your needs. Once all information has been collected, the application will be presented to the Board, and voted on at our monthly Board Meeting. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response after you've filled out the form.