Ghost Tour 2020

Elko’s Downtown Business Association 2020 Ghost Tour is just around the corner. This year’s tour will be held from 6-8 p.m. on two weekends, October 23 & 23 and over Nevada Day weekend, October 30 & 31 (known in 49 other states as Halloween). Rounding out the ghostly atmosphere will be a full moon.
Tickets will be $35 each and limited to 50 each night for those over 21. Masks MUST be worn during the event. Social distancing, and other Nevada guidelines will be followed. Tickets may be purchased through the DBA website Check out the DBA website and Facebook page for details. 
This year’s Ghost Tour, given in a in first person presentation will feature Josiah and Elizabeth Potts. This couple was hanged June 20, 1890 for killing a man and burying him in their basement in Carlin. Their crime was later exposed by a ghost. The couple will discuss their case and claimed innocence. Next on the list is the murder of Chinese cook at the McIntyre Ranch near Halleck. Details of the case will be discussed by one of the cowboys at the ranch and discuss the details leading up to the cook’s demise. A third stop will tell the story of Hirum Chase, a reformed alcoholic (and armless) who later became a successful businessman and beloved community member in Elko’s early days. Last, but not least, will feature Ruby Valley’s Cave Creek Ghost who drowned in the lake behind the entrance to the cave in 1864 while stationed at Fort Ruby at the southern end of the valley.
These tours are hosted by Elko’s Downtown Business Association not only as a fundraiser but to highlight and share stories of Elko’s rich history and heritage. And… to learn about our community in a fun presentation. Our history is our heritage and we need to share this with others.
Join us for this great annual spooky and fun event!